What We Spent & What We Ate

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I apologize for the few days of radio silence. I am a scientist in the food, beverage, and nutritional supplement industry and attended a Food Industry Summit for my state.

I’m taking a page out of the book from Kristen over at THE FRUGAL GIRL because I love this installment of her blog so much. I really enjoy seeing what other people are eating while living on a budget and what they’re spending. Maybe you’re curious too?

What We Spent

Food spending in March is $0 so far 🙂

Remember the $155 GROCERY TRIP from when I mistakenly took Mr. Daisy and Little Daisy grocery shopping with me?

Well that was in February, so I’m counting it as February spending. 3 days into March and we are $0…woo hoo!

What We Ate

I don’t have photos of my meals, I need to remember that for next week!

Monday is ballet night so we have a quick, snack-y dinner. Little Daisy and I had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, apples and grapes, and yogurt to dip the fruit in. Mr. Daisy threw a chicken patty in the oven when we got home. After bath time, we had some delicious Halo Top ice cream.

Tuesday is family dinner at my grandpa’s. We alternate who cooks and bring it to my grandfather’s house for a lovely, weekly family dinner! This week, my mom brought some of my step-dad’s delicious goulash while I brought some french bread and cookies.

Wednesday was a Chicken Stroganoff from Cooking Light magazine. This is a new recipe, and you guys, it was awful. Edible, but awful. And bland. I am struggling to get through the leftovers because I refuse to throw them away. At the industry conference I attended this week, we learned that 1.8 billion tons of food is lost or wasted in the world. That is enough food for a 2000 calorie diet for every single person every single day (according to the representative from the NIFA branch of the USDA that was speaking). So, I am taking one for the team, dousing this stuff in hot sauce, and consuming it all.

Thursday was some homegrown T-bone steaks from my family farm, buttered noodles, roasted carrots and asparagus, and some toasted french bread. It was filling and delicious.

Friday is bowling night. Usually we throw something together quickly like grilled cheese or tuna sandwiches, but Mr. Daisy is still on a shortened work week due to the cold weather (four 10 hour days) and is off work today. He is planning to make some spaghetti with venison meatballs (venison that we harvested this year) and homemade spaghetti sauce from our garden last summer. What makes it even more delicious than it already is is that I don’t have to cook it 🙂

What did you have to eat this week and how much did you spend on it? Leave me a note in the comments! 


  1. Erik @ The Mastermind Within | 3rd Mar 17

    So far this week, I’ve been pretty good on spending and food. I’ve ate out for lunch each day, but have spent only $40 so far. I went to Target and spent $26 on various foods. This weekend, I’ll have to hit the grocery and spend about $50 I think.

    I was happy in Feb I only spent $330 on food and drink vs. $450 I usually do.

    Have a good weekend!

    • Mrs. Daisy | 3rd Mar 17

      Woo, congrats on being $120 under your normal budget! You have a great weekend too, Erik!

  2. Laurie @thefrugalfarmer | 3rd Mar 17

    Thanks for being honest about the Cooking Light recipe. 🙂 We are doing major league juicing this month so our grocery budget is high (for us, but extremely low compared to the national average) – we spent $578.76 for February for our family of six. Going to try and get it even lower this month, even with the organic juicing/smoothies (primarily veggies: carrots, kale, spinach, chard, carrots, apples, lemon, celerly, cucumber, broccoli, etc.). Luckily we’ve got some beef in the freezer from our purchase in November, some pasta, rice, etc. Excited to see how your March turns out!

    • Mrs. Daisy | 3rd Mar 17

      $578.76 is nothing to scoff at for a family of 5 – I think that’s extremely frugal! Before we started this frugal journey and tracking all of our expenses, I think it’s safe to say that we were in that range for a family of 2 adults and an infant! Thank you for the encouragement! I am nervous using this blog as my accountability partner, but I am hoping for some extreme motivation 🙂

  3. Nathalie | 8th Mar 17

    Congrats on not spending any money on food during the first 3 days of March! Funny, my go-to meal for Friday nights has also been grilled cheese sandwiches recently. I know you said you don’t eat out much but we do (well, order take-out since we don’t really like going out) and would even more if I didn’t plan on cooking something easy on those Friday and weekend nights! It just sounds so unfair that everyone is celebrating the weekend and putting their feet up when I still have to cook and do everything else, hahaha.

    Hot sauce is also Greg and my go-to solution for eating down leftovers that we’re not crazy about. Since you’re a Frugal Girl fan, you’ll appreciate that I discovered her while googling food waste, as I found one of her Food Waste Friday posts (which she discontinued, to my great disappointment, but I keep those alive on my own blog!). Blogging, ashamedly, about our food waste as greatly reduced it and led to a complete change of definition of what “frugality” meant for me. I just haven’t found a way to enjoy hot sauce on Rice Krispies that have been doused (by accident) with milk that was spoiling. I did have to throw that away!

    I’m envious of your homegrown T-bones and venison meatballs. That’s great and I’ll bet a real budget saver. Greg is a hunter and a fisherman, albeit a pretty lousy one (shhh, let’s not tell him I said that!) so he’s harvested squirrels and a couple of bass and that’s about it, lol. And how nice that you take turns to cook and share dinner with your grandfather!

    I always forget to take pictures of our dinners as well. One of these days, I’ll remember. I’m no food stylist though.

    • Mrs. Daisy | 8th Mar 17

      Eating out is something that I’m sacrificing. I do enjoy going out as a family to decent restaurant…mainly because I don’t have to cook or clean. But in our frugal journey, it’s not been a priority. And you are so right, I always thought in my delusional own way that I was “frugal”…until I stumbled upon Kristen’s blog and others like hers. And even when I started to implement some of their strategies, it wasn’t until I tracked our spending that I had a “holy $shit” moment. I spent $1100 this month on nothing! On crap! Then, after finding Six Figures Under, I decided that I too needed an accountability partner and was going to use the whole world!!! 🙂

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