What We Spent | What We Ate {we’re on budget!}

A quick grocery trip this week cost us¬†$50.83. While this is over my super strict goal of $20/week due to one heck of an expensive shopping trip a few weeks ago, we’re trending right on budget which makes this momma happy.

You’ll notice that this week’s shopping trip is mainly snacky, processed foods. Mr. Daisy was fresh out of food for his lunches. He is unable to heat leftovers at work, so he packs what I like to call a high school lunch ūüôā


What We’ve Spent:¬†

March trip #1 : $33.65 + $27.97 ( I forgot to throw the second shopping trip in last week’s post, oops!)

March trip #2: $50.83

Total: $112.45 

I budget¬†$225¬†¬†per month for groceries (to see a breakdown of our budget, look¬†HERE¬†or¬†HERE), so we’re left with¬†$112.55 to get us through these last two weeks of the month.


What We Ate: 

Monday is ballet night. We had a snacky dinner that consisted of veggies, fruit, yogurt, and sandwiches.

Tuesday¬† is family dinner night. It wasn’t my turn to cook (yay!). We had pizzas at my grandfather’s.

Wednesday, I made some delicious homemade chicken nuggets. They were perfect and crispy and moist and so good. I will get a recipe post written and share this deliciousness with you all. We had edamame and some homemade applesauce on the side.

Thursday was a night out to eat. Little Daisy went to spend time with her aunts and new baby cousin, so Mr. Daisy and I stopped in at our favorite restaurant in town. Everything at this place is amazing. Whether it’s the pulled pork, chili, pizza, wings, subs, chicken¬†parmesan…it’s all good. It is a locally owned, family run business so we have no qualms whatsoever about spending our money there.

Friday is bowling night. I have errands to run after work so I brought an extra sandwich and a granola bar, Little Daisy is having dinner with her grandma, and Mr. Daisy is on his own.

We will be spending this weekend trying to master our new smoker, planning the garden, and doing some frugal DIY projects that I hope to share next week.

What did you have to eat this week? Are you on budget?

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  1. Erik @ The Mastermind Within | 17th Mar 17

    I did a staycation this week. I think I saved money? I definitely didn’t eat out and have been working on my blog and my side gig… I only check in with my budget at the end of the month ūüôā

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Katy | 17th Mar 17

    Super awesome that you packed an extra sandwich for bowling night dinner! Agh, I wish I could think ahead and prepare like that. Super excited about your working mom meal plan!!!

    • Mrs. Daisy | 17th Mar 17

      Thanks, Katy! Don’t beat yourself up, normally I would just use my spending money and run through a drive thru somewhere along the way during my errands ūüôā I’m glad you are excited about the meal plan! I hope that it will help people! I am going to make some of the recipes this weekend a photograph them! Have a great weekend!

  3. Adriana @MoneyJourney | 19th Mar 17

    I love reading these articles! I always ‘steal’ a few ideas to use for the upcoming week! ūüėÄ

    We’re not on a strict budget right now, but we still try to keep spending to a minimum and stay under $100 /week whenever possible.

    This week we ate less meat than usual (my fault, kept forgetting to defrost it!) and more veggies. We managed to eat at home every single day and even tried a couple of new recipes as well (meatballs cooked with cauliflower instead of meat + baked polenta fries which were a big success!)

  4. Laura | 19th Mar 17

    I’m aiming for a strict $20/week budget this month, too, although I definitely exceeded that this week. I’m still under for the month but it may be tricky! I have been really craving chicken nuggets, of all things. I’m looking forward to your recipe!

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