What We Spent | What We Ate {still on budget!}

Although we had a crazy busy week with dance rehearsals, recitals, and broken vehicles; we managed to stay on budget and eat from home. Hooray!

What We Spent

This week’s grocery trip was $95.00. Although it is much more than my budgeted amount per week,  we *should* come in right on budget. This week’s shopping trip included several toiletries and household purchases like toilet paper, paper towels, detergent, shampoo, deodorant and so on. Moving forward, I think I’m going to break the budget down into a few more categories and be more specific about what is spent on food vs. household items vs. personal items so that I can visually see what is being spent on each. What do you think?

grocery haul
This week’s cart. Groceries this week included household and personal items, lunch-y items for Mr. Daisy and items for a big family dinner this weekend.

What We Ate

Sunday 3/19: I spent a few hours doing some food prep for the week ahead. I have no doubt that this is what saved us from ordering take out while we were running around everywhere. I made some venison meatballs (so yummy), cooked 2 pounds of ground venison, and boiled chicken breasts to shred. Mr. Daisy threw a venison roast in the crock pot when we woke up that morning.

Monday 3/20: We had dance rehearsal and photos, so we didn’t make it home until about 7pm. Little Daisy and I ate some granola bars on the way to rehearsal and Mr. Daisy had packed a larger than normal lunch. When we got home, I pulled the pre-made meatballs out and threw them in a skillet with homemade pasta sauce while I pre-heated the oven. Once the oven was pre-heated, I quickly assembled some meatball subs and baked them for 10 minutes. We had green beans on the side. Quick and easy and definitely wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t prepped.

Tuesday 3/21: It was Little Daisy’s first ballet recital! I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cry a little bit. Again, we got home around 7pm and Little Daisy was whooped. I made her a PB&J with some grapes on the side before she collapsed into bed at 7:30. I had some Ramen and Mr. Daisy made macaroni and cheese. It wasn’t the healthiest, but I prefer it over going through a fast food drive-thru!

Wednesday 3/22:The day that the dreaded budget setback reared its head. While Mr. Daisy was out in the shop diagnosing his truck, I made some angel hair pasta with leftover meatballs from Monday’s meal. Served with garlic bread and some peas on the side.

Thursday 3/23: On Thursdays, Little Daisy usually spends time at my mother-in-law’s with her aunts and baby cousin. Mr. Daisy and I used what was left of our weekly spending cash and stopped in at our favorite local restaurant. We had wings as an appetizer, Mr. Daisy had a huge hamburger, and I had a chicken wrap with their delicious homemade potato chips.

Friday 3/24: Today we will be running around getting the parts that are needed for Mr. Daisy to work on his truck. I’m not sure what our plans are for dinner. If we eat at home, it will be something quick and simple like a tuna melt.

What was your week in food like? I’d love to hear about it

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  1. Katy | 24th Mar 17

    Sadly this wasn’t the most adventurous week meal planning wise.

    Saturday: take out dinner from a new restaurant with my parents
    Sunday: Potluck with friends
    Monday: Thanksgiving Turkey Meatloaf and mashed potatoes
    Tuesday: leftovers
    Wednesday: takeout pizza
    Thursday: sandwiches takeout
    Tonight: I’m planning breakfast for dinner.

    • Mrs. Daisy | 26th Mar 17

      Sometimes those weeks happen…all too often for us! When I get to the butcher shop and get some ground turkey, I am totally making that Turkey Meatloaf! My husband nearly started salivating when I told him about it!

  2. Nathalie | 24th Mar 17

    Congrats on resisting eating out the night of the recital! I’ll bet your daughter was really cute. There’s no shame in crying! I cried at my son’s jazz concerts all the way through his college years 🙂

    As you might have noticed, I break down my grocery purchases in specific categories. It helps me make sure that I spend most of my money in the healthiest categories and not overspend in others (I used to spend way too much on snacks!). I also don’t include anything that isn’t for human food consumption in my grocery budget. So pet items, toiletries, cleaning products… all of those aren’t accounted for in my groceries. However, I do add my eating out/ordering in expenses. That way, I have a realistic idea of how much we spend on food (for humans), which was the main area of my budget that I wanted to reduce when I started reporting on it. I track everything else in other categories in my Excel spreadsheets, but I don’t formally budget for those. I only buy what’s needed and try to never pay full price for those, or buy them from Aldi or the Dollar Tree.

    • Mrs. Daisy | 26th Mar 17

      I have just started to realize the untapped potential of the dollar tree. I am re-evaluating our many first aid kits and it seems that the Dollar Tree is the best option for getting those items! I plan to do a post on our Dollar Tree first aid kits!

  3. Troy @ Market History | 24th Mar 17

    I’m a pretty monotonous guy in that I spend the same amount of food every day (pretty much $20-25). This is a lot considering I don’t eat out or anything. However, I’m a big believer in healthy eating! Instead of loading up on carbs, I focus on meat (for the protein) and vegetables/fruits.

    • Mrs. Daisy | 26th Mar 17

      We are pretty monotonous here too! We are lucky that we hardly ever pay for meat. The only meat I purchase at a store is chicken. Otherwise, we are gifted meat from our family farm or purchase at the butcher shop that has been processing our cattle for 30 years. It is a little more expensive than at a chain grocery store, but I know and trust the butcher shop as well as the local farmers that sell him their cattle. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Troy @ Market History | 27th Mar 17

    I’ve been starting to a eat a lot more fish over the past few weeks. It must be the right season, because all of a sudden seafood became really cheap here in Sydney. Other than that, I eat the same kinds of veggies and fruits every week.

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