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This week did not go as planned whatsoever. The good news though is that we only spent $33.65 at Aldi! I’m over my goal of $20/week that I talked about HERE, but $33 is a win in my book! Even better news is that I am not going to need to spend more than $5 on groceries this week. We just need some bread and milk, and we’ll be good to go.

On Sunday, I made a beef and rice taco recipe based off of one from DAILY DOSE OF PEPPER. Rather than baking it, I just made the beef and rice on the stovetop and combined.  I had them over nachos while Mr. Daisy had it in a burrito, and Little Daisy just ate it with ketchup. We served some homemade apple sauce on the side.

Beef and rice taco filling

I also made some banana blueberry muffins to use up the fruit before they went bad

Monday is ballet night, we all had something quick and different. Little Daisy and I had some sandwiches and fruit, while Mr. Daisy made a chicken patty…I think.

Tuesday is my Frugal Fail of that week that I talked about HERE. Convenience trumped frugality this day.

Wednesday we spent the evening at my family’s farm. It’s calving season so all hands are on deck. It was pretty amazing to watch Little Daisy experience seeing a freshly newborn calf for the first time. We ate dinner in the barn, a roast beef made by my stepmom.  It might sound icky to some, but it’s life for us.

On Thursday, my in-laws invited us out to dinner at a new restaurant in town and it was DELICIOUS. It is a small, family owned place where all of the food is homemade each day. Nothing premade and reheated. We will definitely be eating there again!

I have some lunch meat to use up, so I’m thinking paninis tonight with homemade applesauce for dinner.

What was your week in food like? I’d love to hear about it

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  1. Katy | 10th Mar 17

    I had a total meal planning fail this week. Well, I guess not a technical fail, because I planned to not plan! My husband was out of town, and my in-laws came in to help for a few nights. So there was a decent amount of takeout. Only I night came out of my pocket though. My in-laws were generous and cooked a night, and treated to take out! I did make a new recipe thought, so that was a win!

    My goal for this week is to make some muffins, or bread to freeze for breakfasts during the week!

    • Mrs. Daisy | 10th Mar 17

      Same kind of scenario here! We had a takeout heavy week here, but only one night was out of our pocket 🙂 I really need to step up my breakfast game as well – I’m getting tired of toast!

  2. Making Your Money Matter | 10th Mar 17

    I actually went to Aldi for the first time this week after hearing about it for the hundredth time. They had some great deals and all of their prices were so reasonable. I’ll definitely be back again.
    I’ve been so bad about meal planning lately. I know I’ll save a ton of money on groceries if I get more organized. Definitely going to work on that!

    • Mrs. Daisy | 10th Mar 17

      Yay for an Aldi convert! The ONLY complaint I have about Aldi is that it is always so super busy, at least when I end up going. There’s are cart traffic jams everywhere. I need to experiment with the times that I go!

  3. TrayceeBee | 10th Mar 17

    How wonderful for little Daisy to be able to see the calves! I am super jealous right now since I have always thought of myself as a “farm girl” at heart. My “dream” would be a farmhouse is Vermont with lots of animals! =)

    • Mrs. Daisy | 10th Mar 17

      I’m so grateful to have been raised on a farm and still live in the same area – and it’s so rewarding to watch our daughter be brought up in the same surroundings. I’m cheering for your Vermont farm! 😉

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