Weekly Frugal Meal Plan

I’ve decided to change things up a bit and talk about what we spent and are planning to eat in the beginning of the week. If I lay my frugal meal plan out here for everyone to see, there is a better chance that I will actually stick to it. Fingers crossed!

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Weekly Grocery Trip

On Sunday I spent $85.52 at the grocery store and accrued $.60 in fuel perks. Mr. Daisy ran his truck over later that evening to fill up for a whopping $1.20/gal. Full disclosure, I haven’t made it to ALDI the last few weeks. It’s just too. damn. crowded. I truly love the efficiency of ALDI, but I have zero patience when it comes to cart traffic. I don’t have the option of going shopping in the middle of the day or at other potential slow times. I’ve tried everything…Saturday mornings as soon as they open, Wednesday evenings an hour before closing…but to no avail. I don’t browse through the grocery store. I have my list and I know what I want. I’m afraid you’ll see me on the news for reckless operation of a cart 🙂 So, that’s why my grocery bill has been a bit higher than normal. I have no doubt that this grocery trip would have been more around my goal of $50 but I just wasn’t in the mood to battle the crowds.

No grocery picture, sorry! So, here’s a quick rundown of what I purchased. I put it in a pdf so that if you’re interested, you can click and read it. If you’re not interested, I haven’t wasted any extra blog space for you to scroll through .

Shopping 032617

Weekly Meal Plan


Mr. Daisy eats Clif bars each morning on his way to work with his coffee. I can get them for $1/bar at a regional chain store. That’s not too frugal, but in comparison to him running through a drive-thru each morning, it’s definitely frugal. I’ll take the $5/week breakfast over a potential $20-$30/week.

We are fortunate that Little Daisy’s daycare provider feeds her breakfast each morning. If she’s up especially early one morning I will give her a piece of toast while I get ready for work.

For myself, I alternate between peanut butter toast and maple brown sugar oatmeal. With coffee of course. Both of these tend to hold me over until lunch so I’m not itching for a snack at 10am.


Our predominate lunch expense is with Mr. Daisy. He is unable to re-heat leftovers or have a hot lunch. Most of the time he will eat right in whatever equipment he’s operating (not while in operation, though). He alternates between egg salad, tuna salad, and salami sandwiches. He also packs some chips or pretzels, cashews (which are not cheap!), Gatorade, and some sort of snack. It reminds me of a lunch your mom would pack you in 4th grade, but it works and he’s not picky. Little Daisy of course eats at her daycare and I always try to bring leftovers to avoid food waste. However, there are times when I get restless and need to leave my desk. Once per week I’ll use some of my weekly spending cash and grab lunch out (usually meeting with my brother’s girlfriend).


Here is our weekly dinner plan:

Monday| Breakfast sausage and cheese quesadillas with rice and black beans

Tuesday| Family meal at my grandfather’s. It is my week to cook and I am making a big batch of baked spaghetti.

Wednesday| Crock Pot vegetable soup with grilled cheese. I have a love/hate relationship with my slow cooker, but that’s a post for another day.

Thursday| BBQ shredded chicken sliders with a veggie side.

Friday| We have bowling league this night. I’m sure we will have leftovers from the week, so we will try to eat some of those up.

Saturday| We are going to experiment with our new smoker on Saturday. I think my husband is planning on smoking a wild turkey breast, so we will have that for dinner!

Sunday| We will pick through the fridge and try to gobble up leftovers to reduce any food waste.

Meal Prep for the Week

In order to spend as little time as possible preparing dinner after work (and more time with my family!), I try to do a bunch of meal prep on Sundays. This saves in cooking time as well as clean up time. This week I spent only 45 minutes doing the following:

  • cooked up 1 pound of ground breakfast sausage for Monday’s meal
  • cooked up 2 pounds of ground beef for Tuesday’s baked spaghetti
  • boiled 4 chicken breasts for easy shredding for Thursday’s meal
  • moved the wild turkey breast from the deep freezer to the refrigerator to thaw for Saturday
  • I have a small basket on the counter full of Mr. Daisy’s lunch items. He is NOT a morning person, so rifling through the house getting his lunch ready is not the way Mr. Cranky Pants wants to start his day. So, on Sunday we pre-portion out his chips, cashews, and fill his basket with his other items so all he has to do is grab what he wants and go.

That 45 minutes is time well spent in my eyes because it leads to more time with my family during the week.

I’m hoping to calculate a cost for each meal because I am curious to know, maybe you are too! I didn’t intend for this post to be so long, sorry 🙂 I will update you next Sunday on how well we stuck or didn’t stick to plan!

Do you meal plan or prep food for the week? Why or why not?


  1. Katy | 27th Mar 17

    I like your new layout/schedule. I love the prep section! Sometimes lack of prep is my biggest mis-step in meal planning. Do you freeze some of your prep? I am never sure how long things will keep in the fridge.

    • Mrs. Daisy | 28th Mar 17

      Hi Katy! That’s a great questions, and it just so happens that’s the career field I’m in 🙂 I’m the Director of Compliance and Food Safety for a company. Generally, cooked meats can safely be stored in a refrigerator at less than 40F for 3 to 4 days. If meat is prepped on Sunday and I plan to re-heat before Wednesday, I will keep it in the fridge. Otherwise, I will throw it in the freezer and stick in the fridge the night before we’re set to eat it. Here’s an excellent resource: https://www.foodsafety.gov/keep/charts/storagetimes.html

      If you have any other questions about food safety, please feel free to ask!

  2. Nathalie | 28th Mar 17

    I meal plan but I don’t do any food prep. I’m lazy plus I don’t work outside the home so I don’t have the same time constraints.

    I also have zero patience for cart traffic, especially at Aldi. They changed their carts last year for carts that are wider and that is so unhelpful. I can’t wait until all the snowbirds go back up North (I’m in Central Florida) because they shop in pairs and the husbands and their carts are ALWAYS in the way! The last 2 times I went, I’ve had to direct traffic because they just stop in the aisle and block it for everyone else behind them. They don’t care, they have all the time in the world! But I still like paying less than at other stores so I do most of my shopping there anyway.

    Filling up your tank for $1.20/gallon, though, that’s awesome! Well done!

    • Mrs. Daisy | 28th Mar 17

      The wider carts are great when I bring my daughter with me, she lounges in them like she’s at the spa! 🙂 But I just can’t handle the traffic. My grocery shopping morning is my mommy time and I want to enjoy it. I haven’t been able to do that at Aldi recently!

  3. Katy | 28th Mar 17

    Thanks for the food safety info! It will definitely help reassure me when I doing food prep in advance 🙂

  4. Troy @ Market History | 2nd Apr 17

    Although I don’t meal plan, I have a general sense of what I’m going to eat. I eat 1 pound of meat every day, go for some fruits and the rest are veggies.
    I’ll usually have meat in the morning, and I rotate between pork, chicken, beef, and turkey. But how I cook it depends on what I’m feeling that day.

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