Our transparent family budget with actual numbers

My original ambition for starting this blog was to share my family’s real numbers and real budget as we strive to climb out of 6 figures of debt. This is my monthly budget report post in which I do exactly that. Please be kind and non-judgmental as I make something as personal as finances a public affair.

monthly budget


Oh, April. Tax month. Blech. While we didn’t have to pay a ridiculous amount of taxes like others do, we still had to shell out a few hundred bucks to our city.

April was far better than our March budget, although there were a few setbacks that had to be taken care of.

Below you’ll find my easy-to-read snapshot of our monthly budget. It is comprised of 3 categories: Budgeted, Actual, and Results. I fill in the Budgeted at the beginning of the month, enter data in the Actual twice each month (mid-month check-in and end of the month), and the Results column is designed with formulas to easily show us if we were over, under or on budget and by how much.

Our transparent family budget with actual numbers

family budget
The Daisy April Budget

The good

  • Income was higher than expected this month thanks to some overtime from Mr. Daisy and bowling prize money won!
  • Under budget on pet food, fuel, spending cash, Little Daisy, and our Oh $hit category.
    • My mother in law gifted us some pet food
    • I’m really not sure how we were under for fuel, but I’ll take it!
    • Little Daisy didn’t need anything this month
    • As a result of being more intentional with our spending cash, we reduced that category
  • With roughly $700 left this month, so we threw $500 into our emergency savings and the remainder onto a credit card.

The bad

  • Our heating bill was normal this month, however our furnace needed some maintenance so I threw that expense into this category.
  • Our vehicles line was more than budgeted due to some minor maintenance and a few car washes.
  • Do you ever sign up for a free trial and forget to cancel it before you’re charged the monthly fee? Yep, that happened to me this month which is why our subscription line is more than budgeted. I took care of that right away.
  • I didn’t separate groceries from personal items like I had hoped this month so that line is technically over budget.
  • Our household miscellaneous line is over budget because we purchased a patio set that I am super, super excited about! We had nowhere to sit outside and enjoy the weather for meals or to just relax. I had been on the lookout for used sets when I found a deal at Wal-Mart that I could not pass up!
  • Entertainment is way over budget due to the girls’ trip my mom and I took this month. It was well worth it.
  • Our other category includes some gifts for bridal showers and our city taxes. Boo.

The ugly

We spent $605.00 eating out at restaurants this month. What the &*%^! A chunk of that is from a wonderful night out for a friend’s birthday, but that still leaves $500 in restaurant costs. Live and learn, I suppose. We will diligently work on this during May.

May budget goals

  1. Pay ourselves $200 on the first of the month.
  2. Pay an extra $750 on credit cards.
  3. Limit eating out to <$100.
  4. Be more mindful of how often the debit card is swiped.
  5. Split grocery line into grocery and personal items.

May wins & challenges


  1. No bowling budget = +$116 in our pocket
  2. Increased overtime = at least an extra $500 in income


  1. Out of town wedding ~ $150
  2. Another bridal shower ~$75
  3. Garden expenses ~$100
  4. Dogs’ annual visit and vaccinations ~$150
  5. Brakes on Kia ~$100


How did your finances pan out in April?

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  1. Nathalie | 3rd May 17

    We *also* spent almost $600 in Eating Out in April. What the what?!

    Congrats on finding patio furniture you liked at a price that you liked and still managing to send money to savings and to your debt.

    Let’s hope we both have a better May, at least when it comes to eating out!

  2. Erik @ The Mastermind Within | 4th May 17

    I spent $468 on food this month – I’m going to start bringing my lunch from home. I need to start saving some extra money.

    Thanks for sharing Mrs. Daisy 🙂

  3. Vickey | 4th May 17

    Thank you for being so brave in putting this out there! I like the 3rd column “Results” title – less stiff and formal than “Difference”, and with more meaning.
    Is there a shareable (blank, of course!) template for this spreadsheet somewhere?
    When I’m tracking grocery and personal care costs separately, I split them up into two transactions at checkout. That simplifies things for me when it comes time to categorize amounts.
    P.S. I also appreciate that you’re in the GL region too. Makes those gardening and weather-related posts more relevant for me. 😀

  4. Vickey | 4th May 17

    (By the way, the “Leave a Comment” fields aren’t showing up on your emergency preparedness post.)

  5. Katy | 6th May 17

    Thanks for sharing your numbers! I find “special events” to be such a challenge for us and our budget too! I guess my husband and I should sit and discuss a plan, since wedding season is starting!

  6. Troy @ Market History | 6th May 17

    I definitely spent a lot less in April than March. I’ve been too busy with work, so I haven’t really had time to go out and have fun (i.e. spend money).

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