Getting Out Of Debt: Here’s How to Start

When my husband and I stopped ignoring the fact that we were in six figures of debt and decided to do something about it, we jumped right in the express lane with no plan whatsoever. Our strategy worked for a few months as we haphazardly put extra money here and there on different debts with no real rhyme or reason. The balances slowly started to decrease, but then we hit a wall.

We got disorganized, tired, and lost our motivation. Why? Why did this concept that seemed so simple end up running aground?

Benjamin Franklin said it best,

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

We hadn’t taken any time to lay a solid foundation, set realistic and achievable goals, or truthfully analyze our situation. Naively, we thought that things would just somehow work out.

The rest of this post can be seen over at The Frugal Farmer where I am a guest poster today!


  1. Erik @ The Mastermind Within | 10th Apr 17

    Hey Mrs. Daisy,

    I just finished up putting together a Debt Destruction Tool for free for my readers. It automatically calculates your savings by looking at both the snowball and avalanche methods.

    Would love your feedback and would love if you could share with others! We want to impact many people!

    • Mrs. Daisy | 10th Apr 17

      I just read about it! I’m planning to put my numbers in and see what it gives back. I will definitely post a review to my readers! 🙂

  2. Katy | 10th Apr 17

    So excited to read your guest post! you go girl!!

    And I love Benjamin Franklin, and that quote rings so true in so many areas!

    • Mrs. Daisy | 10th Apr 17

      Thanks Katy! I’m super excited about it. Do you have Instagram?

  3. June | 13th Apr 17

    Look at you guest posting! Way to go!

    • Mrs. Daisy | 13th Apr 17

      Thank you June!!!

  4. Troy @ Market History | 15th Apr 17

    Nice guest post. A think a hugely underrated part of any success is the “just do it” approach. Nowadays a lot of books are talking about the latest tips and tricks to e.g. how to build a business, how to get out of debt, how to trick your body into eating healthy.

    Aside from all those tips, the most important thing is just sheer determination and persistent. Nothing can beat that.

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