SO, What can you expect from Dirt Road Daisy?

My intention is to document my family’s journey to slash our very large, intimidating amount of debt. I will be sharing real, actual numbers and be 100% honest with what we make, spend and save. Successes, failures, milestones, and slip-ups. Oy, what am I getting myself into?

Here are some of the things I hope to share:

  • Monthly budget reports – much like my blog inspiration SIX FIGURES UNDER, THE PICKY PINCHERS, and THE BUDGET MAMA. (All caps denotes a link…I haven’t figured out how to make the links appear in a different color yet with this theme. Any help would much appreciated :)) It  will hold me accountable for my finances. How crazy am I, using the entire world as my accountability partner?

  • Frugal lifestyle habits – we are continuously working on becoming more frugal. Disclaimer: frugal does not mean cheap. I am a firm believer in the adage, “You get what you pay for.”

  • Reduced waste and recycling – I am a scientist and environmentalism is one of my passions. I hope to share how we reuse as much as possible in order to minimize what we send to a landfill that my daughter’s house may be built on one day.

But, I won’t only be sharing finance and frugal topics…

Education, the outdoors, food, resume and interview coaching, DIY, and emergency preparedness are all subjects that I am extremely passionate about.

I guess in their own way, they could all be tied to a frugal mindset…

Education – Being frugal is a continual learning process. It involves research, trial and error, mistakes, and successes. I hope to share posts that are thought provoking, that stir conversation, and are beneficial. I will also share how we are educating our daughter as children’s education is something I am very active with in our community.

The Outdoors – Free entertainment, free education, free fun, and free beauty. Mr. Daisy and I both grew up on farms showing cattle and growing crops. We even met at our local county fair!

Food – It’s no secret that eating at home saves you money. Meal planning, smart grocery shopping, and being creative with food all have frugal benefits. We’re still working on this one…

Resume and interview coaching – This is one of my side hustles. Side hustle = money to help attack debt. While reading a book on blogging by Ruth Soukup over at LIVING WELL SPENDING LESS, she asked the reader, “What are you good at? What do people ask for your advice on? What do you really enjoying talking about?” For me, that is resume writing and interview coaching. Friends, family and colleagues are regularly asking me to look over their resume, help with a cover letter, or assist in interview preparation. I have three resumes in my email inbox at any given time. It is something that comes naturally to me, and I really enjoy it. There will be more information about this coming soon!

DIY – We are DIY fanatics here in the Daisy household. My husband is extremely gifted when it comes to mechanics, wood working, and fabrication. Rather than buying a fancy $500 headboard, he made me an extraordinarily beautiful headboard (with lights!) for less than $60.

Emergency Preparedness – Let’s be real. Emergencies and disasters are happening every day somewhere in the world. I am an avid preparer, because I am not only responsible for my well-being, but my family’s. And my neighbor’s. And any strangers that may need it.

What dirt road daisy will NOT be

  • I will not be condescending, judgmental, or unkind.

    • There is no room for that in the world. Everyone deserves kindness, a shoulder and an ear. If you need that, I’m available.

  • I will not present our ideas as a cure-all.

    • Just because I do something one way, doesn’t mean I think that you should. I do not intend for the ideas I post to be a fix all to end all.

  • This will not be a How To blog.

    • Hell, I’m learning as I’m going. I won’t post catchy titles like “The 5 things you MUST do to get out of debt”, “Here’s how to make your mornings more successful”, implying that I know what I’m doing. I like to think I do, but that’s not always the case. And I’m not too self-assured to admit it.

    • My hope is to build a small community of like-minded people who can learn from each other.

  • I will not be posting our real identities.

    • A photo of myself, probably. When I’m at a blog, I like to know whose thoughts I’m reading.

    • But no real names and no photos of my daughter. At least not yet. The Internet is a scary place. A photo of my daughter in her bathing suit when she was a little over one year old was hijacked from my Facebook page and found in a disgusting part of the dark web. We only found out because we have a friend on a local task force aimed at stopping this sort of thing.

    • Also, because we are sharing real numbers (and I’m still a little embarrassed to admit it) I want to keep some level of anonymity.

I truly hope you decide to stick around and tag along on this journey with us. And I hope we become friends. The world needs more people being friends.

Tell me in the comments; do you have any ideas for my posts? I’d love to hear them!


  1. Erik @ The Mastermind Within | 23rd Feb 17

    I’m excited for the education pieces you write on and any DIY stuff as well. I’m not too handy, but like any skill, can always learn 🙂

    I think trying to build a community of learning is a great goal to have. I’m looking to do that as well, and so far after 2 months, things are going okay. I’m looking to connect with like-minded individuals as well! 🙂

  2. Nathalie | 8th Mar 17

    Hi there Mrs Daisy! Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning. It sounds like you’ve put a lot of thought into what you want your blog to stand for (and not), congratulations! I wasn’t all that surprising to read that you’re a scientist, hahaha.

    Where are you located? I find it interesting to know where bloggers are located because it’s helpful: stores, prices, gardening seasons, social norms… things change so much from place to place! I apologize if you mentioned it somewhere else on your blog. I followed the “Start here” link 🙂

    I look forward to reading more about your story! Wanting to get out of debt is very commendable and I wish you success. We’re currently looking at paying off our remaining debt (mortgage) within the next couple of years and I was inspired by many bloggers who are/have been on the same path to make certain financial decisions. By blogging about being frugal, I’ve discovered that I wasn’t frugal at all when I thought that I was and that I’m mostly being cheap when I sacrifice quality for the sake of paying less. That is a lesson that I’m constantly learning, though, ha. It sounds like you’re already starting knowing this so it’s half the battle 🙂

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