A Frugal Week in Review {+some random thoughts}

This post contains affiliate links – but don’t worry, it’s at no extra cost to you. I promise to only recommend products that I’ve personally tried out and love. 

Are you ready for some miscellany? Here’s what has been happening on the Daisy Homestead:


Homesteading                                                                                Mr. Daisy tilling up the garden

Naughty Mr. Daisy. Do you see the gesture he’s giving with his left hand? How rude.
Little Daisy the Sassy Supervisor

Hiking & Nature Walks

I’ve been enjoying the recent beautiful Great Lakes weather by getting out on the trails and doing some hiking during my lunch break:

Nature Preserve at the local Agricultural College
A flowering tree. I’m a biologist…but botany was not my concentration…


I’ve got two books on my bookshelf right now, one fiction and one nonfiction.

For nonfiction, I’m reading  Money Secrets of the Amish: Finding True Abundance in Simplicity, Sharing, and Saving . I am only three chapters in, but I am truly enjoying this read. It’s an easy read and the author is the perfect combination of sassy and informational. I have laughed out loud quite a few times!

On the fiction front, I am reading Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth. She also authored the very well known Divergent Trilogy that I enjoyed up until the end of the last book. I’ve never been so upset at the ending of a book – I actually stopped reading and didn’t finish! Mr. Daisy makes fun of me because I still get fired up about this! But, I digress. Carve the Mark lives up to the Divergent Triology in transporting the reader to a completely different world. Her descriptive writing makes you feel like you are in the book, and that’s what I love about reading fiction.

Eating & Grocery Shopping

I’ve fallen off the wagon on recording our grocery purchasing and intake, but I promise, we’re still eating 🙂

We spent $130.37 at our regional large chain (Giant Eagle) and earned $0.30  in fuel perks to bring our total to 50 cents of each gallon of gas. Later in the week, I spent $21.39 at ALDI for produce and some items to make side dishes for the two bowling banquets we have this week. My super simple Veggie Pizza is a hit at these events!

I’m giving us a little grace with our grocery spending. I understand that it is one of the easiest categories in which to cut back spending, however our family has other categories to focus on. Like eating out. We spent $400 in April on eating out. I about fell out of my chair when I was working through our finances. So, if a few more dollars spent each week at the grocery store will reduce/eliminate the eating out, so be it!

What We’re Watching

Mr. Daisy and I make it a point to spend time together each evening after Little Daisy is asleep. This usually consists of us snuggling on the couch watching TV while he plays with my hair. I really wish WordPress had a heart eyes emoji!

We’ve been watching Heartland on Netflix and yearning to move to Alberta and buy a ranch. We’ve also been watching the NBA Playoffs rooting our Cavaliers on. Defend the Land! 🙂

May will be here Monday, and with it I will be discussing our financial and family plans and goals for the month.

What have you been up to in April?