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Celebrating Earth Day with Kids

This post contains affiliate links – but don’t worry, it’s at no extra cost to you. I promise to only recommend products that I’ve personally tried out and love. 

I’m a few days late to the Earth Day game, but I wanted to share how we celebrated this year and how we celebrate Earth each and every day.

I talked HERE about how some of my greatest passions are education and science, so Earth Day is one of my favorite days to lay the educational fun on Little Daisy!

Learning about Earth

Each night last week, we read a chapter from Usborne’s Why Should I Bother About The Planet? book.

We had so much fun reading through this book! Some of the topics we covered were green energy, water pollution, water shortages, wildlife in danger, air pollution and recycling. It was heartening to watch my three year old realize that there are places in the world where access to water is not as simple as turning on the faucet. I caught her sternly telling Mr. Daisy to turn off the sink while he was brushing his teeth 🙂 This book has 48 pages of beautifully illustrated artwork bursting with information.

Some of the interesting tips offered in the book:

  • Don’t buy foil or helium balloons. The foil is not biodegradable and helium is a valuable gas. Instead, buy latex balloons.
  • Don’t pick wildflowers. The entire plant may die, and the flowers can’t make seeds.
  • Buy dolphin-friendly tuna. That means the tuna is caught with nets meant to exclude dolphin by-catch.
  • Wash dishes and vegetables in a bowl for less water consumption.
  • Use rechargeable, alkaline manganese batteries. Other types of batteries can leak toxic heavy metals into the soil and landfills.

My favorite feature of this book is the even distribution of information to recommendations. There are several pages of tips, tricks, and ideas for children and families to utilize in order to reduce their energy consumption. Every little bit counts, right? Unfortunately, Usborne Books & More no longer lists this book on their official website. However, you can purchase it on Amazon or eBay!

Saving the bees

Another way we celebrated Earth Day was by planting some bee friendly flowers! We are bee lovers in this family, lovers of any pollinator actually. (Even though I’m highly allergic!) I routinely catch and release bees that fly in our home rather than swatting them with a rolled up newspaper! And although I’ll fiercely and unashamed-ly run from a yellow jacket, I understand they serve a purpose in our ecosystem and resist the urge to take a swing at them with a hard object.

Usborne’s Gardening for Beginners book is one that we have been using with Little Daisy for the past two summers. We’ve also gifted this to many, many friends! This book is full of delightful illustrations, information, and detailed and fun activities to do with your children. Or by yourself if you’re a kid at heart like me.


It has a durable cover, thick glossy pages, and my favorite feature…a ringed binding! I wish ALL books were like this. It would just be so convenient. Amirite?

Here is the page we worked off of for our bee-friendly project this year. We requested some seeds from Feed a Bee  when they were running a special. Little Daisy and I are very excited to see what sprouts in her little flower garden. Photos to come!

Here are some of the other projects outlined in this awesome book:

Hands-down, my favorite feature of these Usborne books is that they are Internet-linked. What this means is that each book has a set of unique quick-links online that will link you up to more information and activities for FREE!

How we practice green living

Of course, we try to practice a green-leaning life on the Daisy Homestead every day. Some ways we do this are:

  • composting our scraps of food, paper, and grass clippings
  • recycling our recyclables
  • catching the water the we run while warming bath water
  • watering plants with water that pasta or other food was boiled in
  • turning off the sink when brushing our teeth or washing our face
  • only washing clothes when there is a full load, same for the dishwasher
  • being mindful of the lights that are on in our home
  • reuse as much as possible…packaging, paper, envelopes, etc.
  • make an effort to purchase items made from recycled or sustainable sources
  • growing our own vegetables
  • we never litter. And if we see someone litter, we pick it up and maybe kindly tell them it’s not such a nice thing to do. It’s mean and lazy.

How did you celebrate Earth Day? What does your family do to benefit the environment?