5 Frugal Things: The Free Edition!

This post contains affiliate links – but don’t worry, it’s at no extra cost to you. I promise to only recommend products that I’ve personally tried out and love. 

{Much like a budget, a food journal or a gratitude journal, I believe that recording and acknowledging your frugal successes (and maybe some failures) is a necessity when you are embarking on a frugality adventure like myself. I first came across 5 Frugal Things on THE FRUGAL GIRL who came across it on THE NON-CONSUMERADVOCATE.COM and I’ve been hooked since.}

frugal lifestlye

Today’s 5 Frugal Things is exciting because everything I will be sharing with you was FREE!

Even more exciting, the items are free AND useful. Cue singing birds and heart eyes emojis.

Free buckets for container gardening

I was fortunate to snag these buckets from work to use for our container gardening and other random jobs around the yard. They’re a bit yucky as they contained vitamin E oil. The scientist in me is anxious to see if there is any different in the plants that were grown in the “dirty” buckets vs. buckets that were cleaned out. Stay tuned!

Free feminine pads

Thanks to Crystal over at Money Saving Mom and her regular freebie posts, I snagged a free sample of some feminine pads. These are perfect to throw in my first aid kit or 72 hour emergency bag.

Free Emergen-C samples

Again, thanks to Crystal’s posts, I received 2 free packets of Emergen-C and a coupon. Mr. Daisy drank one this morning because he said he felt a cold coming on. He loved the taste!

Coupons for free Bath & Body Works

I received these coupons for free lotions and shower gels at Bath & Body Works. My mom gave me hers also so I will be getting 4 free items! As much as I despise receiving a load of junk mail and promotions, signing up for retail stores’ mailing lists often results in some great coupons. My favorites are Elder-Beerman, JC Penney, Bath & Body Works, and Kohls. I am usually able to get free items through their promotions!

Free Proactiv via Swagbucks

Have you ever heard of Swagbucks? I’m sure you have. And I hope you love it as dearly as I do. I do virtually ALL of my shopping via Swagbucks, minus grocery shopping.

For example, I have really been wanting an electric griddle. I stumbled upon an excellent deal at Kohls,  shopped through Swagbucks, selected in-store pickup, and earned cash back. Win win situation because I received a little kickback and more importantly, I go right to Customer Service to get my item and I walk right back out. I do not stop at racks, I do not impulse shop. I go directly to the door. (Did you pretend you were reading that off of a Monopoly card? Because I did.)

So, I was perusing Swagbucks the other day near the end of my lunch break and came across a Proactiv deal they had running. Receive 3,000 swagbucks for trying Proactiv. If you’re unfamiliar with Swabucks, 100 swagbucks = $1. Therefore, 3,000 swabucks = $30. The trial I selected cost me under $30. Therefore, I’m trying this Proactiv (something I’ve been wanting to try for ages), for free.

If you’re interested in learning more about Swagbucks, feel free to shoot me an email, leave a comment, or click this link.

Have you had any frugal or free adventures recently?