5 Frugal Things

{Much like a budget, a food journal or a gratitude journal, I believe that recording and acknowledging your frugal successes (and maybe some failures) is a necessity when you are embarking on a frugality adventure like myself. I first came across 5 Frugal Things on THE FRUGAL GIRL who came across it on THE NON-CONSUMERADVOCATE.COM and I’ve been hooked since.}

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frugal things

5 Frugal Things

  1. Mr. Daisy has been on an English Muffin kick at breakfast lately. Luckily while I was strolling through Target for some mommy-time, I noticed a Cartwheel coupon for 50% off all Thomas varieties. I picked the last 3 packages up for about $1.20 each. I went back yesterday evening but they did not re-stock 🙁

2. Rather than buying Mr. Daisy snacks for his lunch, I whipped up a batch of white macadamia nut cookies with pantry staples that were on hand.


3. Mr. Daisy spent the rainy weekend in the garage working on several cars. He performed some routine maintenance on our vehicles in the form of oil changes and tire rotations. Keeping up to date on the maintenance of our cars is vital to our frugal journey and I am so fortunate to have a mechanic for a hubby. He also put brakes and wheel bearings on his mom’s vehicle…we will get a free dinner as payment for services!

4. I made a big pot of potato soup Saturday afternoon that served as dinner on Saturday, dinner on Sunday, and lunch for me today.

5. In an effort to reduce our waste, we invested in a reusable Keurig cup. Neither of us are big coffee drinkers, so making a pot of coffee would be a waste. However, using k-cups is a much larger form of waste as the cups are non-recyclable. We purchased a plastic one, however I think I’m going to use some Swagbucks and get a gift card for Amazon to order a stainless steel k-cup like this one. 


Frugal Fail

If you follow me in Instagram, you already know that I killed our brand new vacuum. It was a Christmas present and I dearly, dearly loved my Shark vacuum. Mr. Daisy attempted to be frugal by tearing it apart and fixing it. Unfortunately, I had done far too much damage. I hopped on the Kohl’s website through Swagbucks and ordered a new vacuum for in-store pickup. I paired a $10 off coupon, 20% off, and 2SB per dollar via Swagbucks and only paid $110 for a $199 vacuum. I also received $20 back in Kohl’s Cash which will be used to buy Mr. Daisy some new socks.

Buying a new one right away may not have been the most frugal-minded action in some people’s opinion. But an efficient, functioning vacuum is essential to our household. We have quite a bit of carpet. Add a toddler, 2 dogs, and people who are constantly in and out into the equation. I vacuum daily. Sometimes more than once. So this was a worth it purchase for me. It will definitely be thrown into our Aw $hit budget category!

What frugal adventures did you have this weekend?


  1. Nathalie | 8th May 17

    I think that the fact that Mr. Daisy is a mechanic allows you to be the frugal queen every day of the year. It’s not fair! LOL. We were trying to get one of our kids to become a plumber, another a mechanic, and another a doctor, and another an electrician but none of them want to have anything to do with those types of careers, sadly.

    I’m curious to know what exactly you did to your vacuum cleaner. I can’t believe you vacuum every day! I’m never going to mention that little tidbit to my husband, I’d never hear the end of it (oh, but then I can complain that he’s not a mechanic!).

    Otherwise, good find on the English muffins! I have a recipe for them but I don’t think I ever tried to make my own, I don’t remember it if I did. Now I’m craving an egg McMuffin!

  2. Mrs. Daisy | 8th May 17

    Nathalie, your comment made me LOL! I’m so embarassed to say how I wrecked my vacuum. It’s hands down the dumbest thing I’ve done in my 31 years. One of our dogs got into the pantry and ate an entire bag of chocolate chips, and then vomited it all over the carpeted floor while we were gone. (Don’t worry, he’s alright! My dad’s farm vet happened to be out checking on some horses so we ran over there to get him checked out.) I cleaned up as much as I could (gross), soaked it with Nature’s Miracle and scrubbed it with a brush. Then I decided to vacuum the liquid up with the hand attachment. Duh duh duh. My face is read sitting here typing this! 🙁

    But yes – I vacuum nearly everyday. We have hunter green carpet (not my choice!) and it shows everything. I’m also somewhat of an OCD clean freak, (thanks mom!) so I am constantly cleaning. Don’t worry, I won’t tell your husband 😉 I am very lucky to have grown up in a family full of blue collar workers. Between my husband, FIL, brothers, and my dad…they have all of the necessary knowledge and equipment to build an entire house 🙂

  3. Troy @ Market History | 14th May 17

    While waiting for my back muscles to recover from an injury, I’ve been eating a ton of carbs-rich foods. It’s certainly cheaper, and the energy boost helps me recover faster.

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