5 Frugal Things {how I’ve saved money this week}

{Much like a budget, a food journal or a gratitude journal, I believe that recording and acknowledging your frugal successes (and maybe some failures) is a necessity when you are embarking on a frugality adventure like myself. I first came across 5 Frugal Things on THE FRUGAL GIRL who came across it on THE NON-CONSUMERADVOCATE.COM and I’ve been hooked since.}

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How I saved money this week

  1. We have a busy week, so I spent Sunday doing some meal prep to reduce the likelihood of grabbing dinner out. I made meatballs for subs on Monday, cooked up 2 lbs of ground venison, and a few pounds of chicken breasts. Cooking ahead like this also minimizes the amount of time that I will spend cooking after work. Instead, I can spend that time with my family. Win!
  2. Rather than pay a ridiculously high amount for Little Daisy’s dance photos ($30 for a few 5×7’s and a button!), I am taking them myself, printing with a coupon from Shutterfly, and sending them to family in Easter cards.
  3. Our huge local children’s consignment sale is coming up. Even though I’ll be spending money for Little Daisy’s summer clothes, they will be affordable and second hand.
  4. We’ve started to thrift and scrounge for cheap (free) containers to do some container gardening in this year. Our tomato plants completely took over our garden last summer and hogged all of the sunlight. We are going to try container planting them this year.
  5. We ate at home all weekend and are still under budget for groceries for the month. Rather than dumping half full glasses of water down the drain, I’ve been watering plants or topping off the dog’s water bowls.

    What frugal things have you been up to? Let me know in the comments!



  1. Katy | 21st Mar 17

    Great work on the DIY dance photos!! I LOVE being able to get second hand clothes for my toddler. I am always impressed with how affordable a used kids wardrobe it 🙂

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